You’ve Won a Free Driveway Cleaning

Special “Early Bird” Gift to Gold Coast Residents

We are giving away Free Driveway Cleaning to Gold Coast Homeowners who respond to us before April 1, 2017.

Now, I don’t give away free driveway cleaning to just anybody – I’d be out of business if I did that.

However, after doing 142 homes in Gold Coast, I’ve come to realize it is the perfect area to get more clients. In my experience, homeowners in Gold Coast are really looking to maintain and keep their home looking great and they appreciate having a long-term, “go-to” service they can trust and rely on.

Well, I’d like to be that service for you. And to prove it, I’d like to give you a free gift…

One Free Driveway Cleaning up to 6 m2

Driveway Cleaning Gold Coast

There is absolutely no-cost, no-obligation, not teeny tiny print. No strings attached. This will just give you and me a way to get to know each other. And you’ll get to see, first-hand, how we take pride in delivering you amazing results.

We’ll get rid of all the grime, gunk, and weeds that have built up over the years of wet winters and we’ll save you hours of back breaking, clothes soaking, mud splaching labour.

Once your driveway is sparkling clean, if you like, I can measure out your remaining outdoor surfaces and discuss any other cleaning you may want done. But only if you choose.

You see, my company is going to be here for a long time. If I were pushy or rude, I just wouldn’t make it. Plus that’s just not me! I want to make friends not enemies.

If you make me your “go-to” guy, I’ll be thrilled (and so will you). But if you don’t that’s fine. There won’t be any hard feelings.

My busy season is just around the corner, then I’ll have to turn away business, BUT it’s not quite here yet. So I’ve decided to offer this exclusive “early bird” gift to Gold Coast residents.

That being said, the busy season is right around the corner, so on February 1st this offer will expire.

Call me now at 0439-562-505
to schedule your free driveway cleaning.


Grant P.
Doc4home Expert

P.S. Don’t miss out – You’ve won one free driveway cleaning. No strings attached. To claim your driveway just call 0439-562-505 or submit your details below now. You must claim your prize before February 1st, when the offer expires.

To claim your FREE driveway cleaning submit your information above to schedule your free driveway cleaning or just call 0439-562-505.